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Avantgarde Lending Inc. is a full service mortgage banking firm specializing in the origination, investment sale, and servicing of privately placed real estate loans more commonly known as hard money / private equity loans.



Avantgarde Lending funds all types of loans in both the consumer and commercial marketplace by offering access to borrowers that cannot find a source of institutional financing. Avantgarde Lending has the ability to arrange debt on all types of real property.

Our founders have been working together since 1994 and the dream of Avantgarde Lending came to a fruition in 2009. Our firm is managed by experienced mortgage professionals dedicated to offering the highest quality products and services in the industry.

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We’re proud of our reputation as a common sense, no-nonsense private money lender. If you need a mortgage approved, let us take a look. We do fund loans others won’t.

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Are you new to using a private lender? Ask us how it works. Learn how to close more deals with this option. Do you have a particularly challenging or unusual real estate transaction that institutional lenders can’t do? Ask us to review it.

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