Mario Enríquez

President | Founder

Born and raised in Ecuador, Mario grew up in a family environment embracing values, respect, and honesty. Throughout his childhood, he participated in several motorsports and was selected to join the Ecuadorian Sub-14 National team to play in Brazil and the shortlisted Pichincha Sub-17 soccer team. With a competitive drive, and entrepreneurial spirit at heart, at only 16 years old he started organizing numerous events promoting local brands. He obtained the degree of Commercial Engineer and, after finishing the University, he lived in Miami for a few years and then moved to Southern California, where he currently resides with his family. His dynamic personality and genuine sensitivity to develop and manage new business opportunities are the cornerstones that have distinguished him as a professional. In 2001, Mario began his career in the Mortgage Industry in Los Angeles, working at a mortgage independent company. By earning from the beginning the trust of his clients and colleagues, he became a partner short after his arrival. With offices in Beverly Hills and Encino, Mario worked closely with high network clients in the entertainment industry, real estate developers, diplomats, lawyers, and business executives. His goals and interests often go beyond retail, wholesale and private lending, he has a demonstrated ability to create, lead and build strong teams to expand and improve profit margins. Mario has been ranked as a top producer in Southern California, managing and producing in major banks and private finance companies. He also previously sat on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NARHEP). Mario’s involvement with these associations comes from his passion for making a positive impact on the industry for future generations. In 2021, Mario launched The Lender Club, a Division of a prestigious direct lender group in New York with the ability to broker residential and commercial loans in all 50 States. He also launched Avantgarde Lending, a company that specializes in arranging private loans backed by qualifying real estate assets. He is focused on delivering the highest standards in every case; transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of every transaction in the operations of both companies. While in the United States, Mario continued his close business relationship with Ecuador. Currently, he is also part of a family business group that develops several real estate projects in the city of Manta, at the coast of Ecuador.

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