Sean Talley

Vice President & Operation Manager

Starting his career in the mortgage industry in 1995, Sean has spent the past 26 years working and honing his skills in various roles. From his first job in the industry in 1995, he knew that mortgage was what he wanted to do as a career. “Seeing how much of an impact we had in people’s lives was eye opening. Whether I was working to help a family achieve the dream of homeownership for the very first time, helping someone lower their monthly mortgage payment to better their financial situation or helping a family access their equity to finance the business of their dreams, pay for a child’s education or an unexpected life event, the work was an extremely rewarding experience and something I enjoyed and decided I wanted to continue to do”. Wanting to excel in his new career, Sean wanted to learn as much as possible about the entire process from start to finish, so throughout his career he took on multiple roles, starting in processing, underwriting and funding. As his career continued to move forward, he continued to seek out additional roles and has since gone on to hold roles in several additional capacities. He feels that his experience in each of these roles has been pivotal to his success. “When working with a team of people, understanding what the person before you and after you does, having walked a mile in their shoes, gives you a unique perspective that allows you to better communicate with and anticipate the needs of your other team members. This in turn, leads to increased efficiency and overall results in a better customer service experience for the client and the customer service experience is and always will be my #1 focus”.
Outside of the office, Sean enjoys travel, food, spending quality time with family and friends and all things outdoors! Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Sean spends much of his spare time enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, basketball, paddle boarding and camping. When not outdoors, he enjoys spending time playing piano, something he started at the age 4 and continues to do to this day. Sean is also the proud father of two children, a son who is currently serving in the United States Navy and a daughter who recently blessed him with his first grandchild.

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